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Checking in from home...

Last I wrote here in this blog I was on the road, July 4th I believe. I was in a fairly sullen mood due to missing another holiday away from home (my daughter's birthday, my wife's birthday, my wedding anniversary and mother and father's day also made that list is '17). So now, being home, and getting to share everyday with my family and friends is not taken for granted but neither is the perks of such a great opportunity with the Journey camp. Being accepted into such an enviable position has residual effects back here at home, both business and personal. But I think the best perk of all is to be involved in so many diverse projects, including my band, studio work and working with A-level talent on a local level. All of it is fun, exciting and stressful in its on individual ways. So, in closing, I'm just taking it all in and accepting any new avenues that open up to me career wise and hoping none of them close any time soon!! All the best.. T